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Our goal is to help homeowners design a living space where they can build lifelong memories with friends and family. When designing a living space, one of the most overlooked aspects is how it will accommodate the unique interest of you, your friends and your family.

Building a home isn’t just about building a place to eat and sleep. It’s about creating a place, where the people who matter the most to you, enjoy spending time together.

One of the most common goals our customers have, is that they want to build a home where there kids want to invite their friends; giving them the opportunity to be part of the memories they create.

When you choose Hearthstone Design & Drafting, you can be confident in the fact that you will receive a service tailored to the needs of your family. Furthermore, our knowledge and experience will help you create a home that will grow with you.

Ensuring your ideal home meets your needs now, and in the future!


Ray Bartsch


Holly Bartsch


Our History

Founded by Ray Bartsch, Hearthstone Design & Drafting combines his passion for design with his contagious enthusiasm for life. This is accomplished by creating a home designed to meet the distinctive needs of the family now and in the future.

Backed by nearly 20 years of design experience and 25 years as a journeyman carpenter, Hearthstone maintains the highest level of professionalism. Our adept experience allows us to identify obstacles and recommend options that are often only thought of in hindsight.

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